Heartwell Scorecard

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Hole #1

Start the course simply with a straight shot off the tee, but beware the large bunker protecting the right side of the green.


Hole #2

The second hole is a little more difficult with trees lining the left side of the fairway and another large bunker on the right side of the green. Shot accuracy is important here.


Hole #3

Choose your club wisely on this hole, as it is a short par 3 with a small green protected by bunkers on the front and right sides.


Hole #4

Somewhat longer than the last par 3, Hole 4 offers straightforward play with a narrow, tree-lined fairway.


Hole #5

The fifth hole is slightly more challenging with a bunker protecting the left of the green and a large tree blocking the right side. Aim for the middle here!


Hole #6

The sixth hole has trees lining the slim fairway, playing to a large bunker on the right side of the green which waits for wayward balls.


Hole #7

Holes 7 offers an open shot to the pin, but beware of the bunker protecting the left side of the green.


Hole #8

With a bunker on the left of the green, the right side of this hole is relatively open, so aim your shots accordingly.


Hole #9

Wrap up the front nine with a long hole that starts with a narrow shot opening, veering to the right and often resulting in longer play than expected.


Hole #10

Hole 10 requires a narrow shot through trees to a green with a deep bunker on the right, making this one of the more trying holes on the course.


Hole #11

The eleventh hole presents a straight shot down the fairway to a severely sloping green.


Hole #12

Be careful, as the twelfth hole is short but tricky with deep bunkers protecting the front and right of the small green.



Hole #13

Hole 13 plays a little to the right and longer than the yardage implies. Be sure to avoid the large bunker and trees on the right.


Hole #14

This hole appears short with a lake you must carry, but beware—going too long will land you in the midst of dense trees.


Hole #15

This lively hole features a lake on the right and bunkers on both sides of the green.


Hole #16

Hole 16 plays slightly uphill with a large bunker protecting the left side of the green.


Hole #17

On this longish par 3, watch out for the bunker on the left of the green, this time playing slightly downhill.


Hole #18

The course concludes with a tough downhill hole guarded by a lake on the right, which plays to a small green.

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Golf at Heartwell Golf Course

Designed in 1962 by seasoned golf architect William F. Bell, who was responsible for the conception and construction of over 160 highly acclaimed golf courses, Heartwell Golf Course enjoys a convenient location with a number of amenities that allow golfers to play and practice from early in the morning until well after sunset. The fully lighted 18-hole course measures just 2,143 yards, offering a quick round for advanced players and a suitable challenge for beginners. From the 35-stall driving range to the variety of putting and chipping greens, Heartwell Golf Course’s practice facilities accommodate all skill levels, and the top-notch service means your golf experience will surely be enjoyable.


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